Wedding Day Skin Care Tips To Get Clear Glowing Skin
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Wedding Day Skin Care Tips To Get Clear Glowing Skin

Wedding day skin care prep step Take skin-hydrating and firming supplements. For most brides, one of the biggest problems is finding the perfect wedding day makeup artist.

Wedding Day Skin Care Tips To Get Clear Glowing Skin

But did you ever notice how hard it was to apply makeup on rough, dry or oily skin? With our advice ensures your skin looks flawless on your wedding day and your makeup nicely complements. There is a routine to follow:

Wedding Day Skin Care Tips To Get Clear Glowing Skin

Plan ahead

Give your skin time to regenerate and show improvements in the routine starting three months before your big day . This also means that your diet should include healthy foods to avoid acne breakouts.
As for facials and skin treatments , you can start six months before your wedding. Go for deep cleansing facials once a month and plan your last meeting at least two weeks before their wedding.

Exfoliate and moisturize

Pollution , stress , or poor eating habits can put a toll on your skin and cause blemishes or large pores . Cleanse your face twice a day, no excuses ! Exfoliate your face three times a week to unclog pores , and apply the cream twice a day to keep your skin hydrated .

Consider Supplements

In addition to diet , you can opt for daily supplements aimed at increasing metabolic efficiency and improving your overall health . Check with your pharmacist which product suits your requirements best .

Get your beauty sleep

While you have a hectic schedule for a few months before your wedding , eight hours of sleep is an absolute must . No beauty treatment will work on your skin , unless you have a good night of sleep and allow your cells to regenerate . It is also the best remedy for dark circles around the eyes .

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Whether you apply makeup daily or nights out in town , your brushes should be cleaned once every two weeks . Wash thoroughly with shampoo to avoid any bacteria build -up, rinse and hang to air – dry the hair upside down .


Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day , cut down on coffee , tea and alcohol . This will help to eliminate toxins from your body and make your skin glow you deserve !
Make sure you include your skin enjoy your wedding planning schedule to ensure you look your best on your big day.